#UNFILTERED: Answers to the Top 20 DEI Questions Most Executives Secretly Want to Know the Answers to, but Are Afraid to Ask

We've curated DEI inquiries from prominent executives nationwide who may have hesitated to ask, fearing potential judgment, ridicule, or even being ostracized due to their initial unfamiliarity with crucial diversity and inclusion matters. This video resource is designed to empower you with the knowledge and confidence required to progress purposefully in your DEI journey.

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Top 8 Rules to Reduce the Risk to Your Reputation

As a senior leader in your organization, the spotlight is consistently on you. Preserving the reputation you've painstakingly built is paramount, and unintentional DEI missteps can be costly. Discover the essential guidelines of Executive Allyship to safeguard your reputation while effectively steering your organization through its DEI initiatives.


DEI Response Rubric

In the past, your fellow executives have proven reliable in tackling critical business challenges. However, when it comes to DEI, it's new ground for everyone. We've crafted a comprehensive framework for you and your team, providing clear guidance on strategic responses to DEI-related events that unfold in the public eye. Share this with your entire senior leadership team to equip them with the vital information they need to make the right decisions.

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Credibility Killers - Top 16 Most Common Executive Team DEI Blind Spots

Many executive teams are unaware of the blind spots they have regarding DEI. This can inadvertently result in damaging mistakes that impact both their professional standing and their organization's reputation. Gain the insights you need to course correct before it becomes a critical issue.


Sincere CEO Q&A Scripts

While using 'scripted' talking points may seem counterintuitive to expressing 'sincere' perspectives on diversity and inclusion, we've collaborated with numerous executives who genuinely prioritize DEI but find articulating their sentiments challenging. We've crafted a set of customizable scripts tailored to help you address common questions you may encounter from your board, executive team, leaders, managers, and front-line employees.

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